Build, backtest, and deploy trading algorithms for all major global financial instruments and asset classes from your browser. No coding required.


Bytemine provides a method for anyone to create, backtest and deploy highly effective trading algorithms without the need for a single line of code or knowledge of proprietary programming languages. We believe that opening up the power of algo trading will be a complete game-changer for day traders, similar to how the same methodologies and tools have revolutionised the hedge fund industry.

Our Innovation Philosophy

In partnership with our trader community, we are creating new and unique algorithmic trading capabilities that empower our traders and broker partners with increased functionality, actionable insights, and solutions to deploy highly accurate automated trading strategies. Over the past six months, we have innovated new technical capabilities, setting the pace of innovation for the industry, helping our traders achieve new levels of consistent profitability.

Further support

Whether you need help using our application, want more information about our pricing plans or anything else - our support team are on standby to assist you. Follow this link to submit a support request -