Signal Builder
Bytemine is a complete tool for creating, testing, and deploying trading algorithm strategies

Step 1 - Create a new strategy.

Search for your instrument of choice by name or ticker symbol, select a trading time frame between 5 minutes and 5 days depending on your strategy, give your strategy a name and then select get started to save and start building.
Bytemine market data is provided free of charge. Access over 200,000 stocks and financial instruments from 75 global exchanges.

Step 2 - Add data, trading indicators and logic.

Start building your strategy using our simple drag and drop interface, select the plus icon to add trading indicators, market data, and trading logic. Connect blocks as necessary using by dragging a line from the output of any block to the input of another.
Head to our strategy guide to see how to easily create our most popular trading strategies.

Step 3 - Check the connection status

Before back-testing your strategy, use the connection status indicator to quickly check that all blocks are connected correctly. If the light is red, double-check all connectors between blocks as there will be missing links that need to be added.Once you have made the corrections, the indicator will automatically turn green.

Step 4 - Backtest

When you are ready, run a back-test using real market data to calculate the historic performance of your strategy and see the results. Go back to the canvas to make further changes if necessary and then run the backtest again to see the impact.

Step 5 - Forwardtest

Backtesting provides traders with valuable information however it is only one part of the evaluation process. Out-of-sample testing provides further confirmation regarding an algorithms effectiveness before any capital is at risk. A good correlation between backtesting and forward performance testing results is vital for determining the viability of a trading system.

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